Trader Joe's


As of October 8, 2019, Trader Joe's had 504 stores in the United States with stores being added regularly. In 2017, Trader Joe's opened 14 new stores nationwide. Most locations averaged between 10,000 and 15,000 sq ft (1,400 m2). California has the largest number of stores with 183 open in the state.

Each location is designed to represent its respective area. Every store has its own staff members that create artwork to represent the surrounding neighborhood. Some store locations have their own "find the mascot" and children can obtain a prize when they tell a staff member where it is "hiding".

Trader Joe's is a tiki-nautical themed establishment but locational stores may include props to blend into the local area; for example, a surf theme for a store near the beach. Along with their interior, stores supply products that are specialized to the people of that location.

Popular Themed Locations